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Doosan Machine Tools Participates in the EMO 2015
- 22 high tech machine tools showcased
Doosan Machine Tools participates in the EMO 2015 (Exposition mondiale de la Machine Outil 2015), one of the four biggest machine tools fair in Europe, held from Oct. 5-10 in Milano, Italy.
Doosan Machine Tools welcomes the visitors in the stand E17 (1720 m2) of 7Hall. The 22 products will be displayed - 10 turning centers, 11 machining centers, and 1 Swiss type turning centers- in the exhibition. 

Doosan Highlight Products at EMO 2015
 DHF 8000
The DHF 8000 is an 800mm twin pallet, 5-axes horizontal machining center, equipped with a   nodding-type spindle head to support all machining processes from roughing to finishing in a single setup.
The machine is specifically designed for the processing of complex parts used in the aerospace industry, and features an enhanced chip disposal system and an extended working area. The DHF8000 provides the ideal solution for both general and difficult-to-cut materials, and for complex work pieces.
The nodding head spindle rotates through 160 degrees (up / down) and has a maximum speed of 6000 RPM, with 603 Newton meters of torque, ensuring the highest productivity.
The Y and Z axes are fitted with dual ball screws to ensure greater structural stability and accuracy, while the column is designed with high static and dynamic rigidity to provide the optimum machining performance.
Standard features include glass scales for each axis and a cooling system for the spindle and ball screws, ensuring greater machining accuracy.

  Mynx 9500
The Mynx 9500 is a vertical-type machining center designed for processing large parts with high durability and accuracy. Its highly rigid structure, impressively high power / torque gear-driven spindle ensure even higher productivity.
The arch-type C-frame machine structure delivers a highly stable machine structure and achieves an optimum level of accuracy. The machining performance is further supported by the application of extremely stiff box guide ways to all its axes. The high-torque gearbox-type 50 taper spindle has a maximum speed of 6000 r/min, and is suitable for machining large workpieces in steel and cast materials, such as axle housings. An optional built-in spindle with a top speed of 10000r/min enables flexible processing of various parts. The product’s travel distances of 2500mm(98.4inch) (X), 950mm(37.4 inch) (Y), and 850mm(33.5 inch) (Z) provide the largest machining area in its class. 

  HM 1250W
 The HM 1250W is Doosan’s latest large horizontal-type machining center. Developed on the highly rigid HM frame, HM 1250W ensures customer satisfaction with added value of W-axis machining on a 1250mm Automatic Pallet Changing Horizontal Machining Center.
Sharing the same platform as the HM 1250, which has already proven itself in the global market, the HM 1250W further enhanced machining capability with W-axis spindle(110 mm outer diameter, extendable up to 300 mm), which allows user to perform boring work on an advanced Horizontal Machining Center such as HM 1250. Additionally, due to number of customers’ needs for higher table load capacity, HM 1250W is designed to handle up to 5 ton work.
The dual-contact spindle design, which allows tools to contact the spindle face and taper at the same time, minimizes vibrations to yield higher machining accuracy. The heavy duty gear-type high-torque spindle with maximum 3,000 rpm, allows users to machine parts for diverse industries such as heavy structure, aerospace, energy, and more. HM 1250W’s diverse machining capability significantly improves productivity and cost by performing more within single machine.

-  Doosan Booth Number at EMO : Hall 7, E17
-  Exhibited models : 22 models ( new 11 models)
. Turning Centers(10) :

Lynx 220LMS, Lynx 220LSY, PUMA GT3100M, PUMA 2600SY, PUMA 5100LY,


PUMA GT2100M with Robot

. Machining Centers(11) :

 T 4000 with Robot, DNM 500 II, DNM 750/50 II, Mynx 9500, NX 6500 II,

FM 200/5AX linear, VC 630/5AX, VCF 850LSR,

NHP 6300, DHF 8000, HM1250W

. Swiss Turn (1) : PUMA ST32G

Doosan Infracore Machine Tools BG
Doosan Infracore Machine Tools BG produces over 370 models including turning centers, machining centers, horizontal boring mills and Swiss type turning centers, offering solutions to customers through the 128 dealers worldwide including the U.S., Europe and China. Machine Tools BG operates 4 plants and 21 technical centers around the world to satisfy the rapidly changing customers' needs. Machine Tools BG continues to expand the lineup of the globally renowned products, and to keep the innovation to provide the customers with optimal solutions.
For further information, visit : http://www.doosanmachinetools.com